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Hugged in the warm embrace of the Pirin Mountains is Bansko, a museum town alluring tourists all year round. Since 1979 this town has been acknowledged as one of the international significance to the tourism industry. Equally attractive during all 4 seasons, it offers various recreational resources.
There are several legends
about who founded Bansko. According to one of them, Bansko was founded by people who lived in Dobarsko, a village in Rila, itself according to a legend founded by the blinded army of Tsar Samuil.
Another legend claims that Bansko was founded by an Italian painter by the name of Ciociolino, thus the existence of the name Chucholin in Bansko.
Still according to another legend it was a Slavic tribe called the Peruns, who lived in Pirin and worshiped Perun, that founded the village later to become a town. There are a number of ethnographic texts, legends, prayers and oratories, which lend credence to this legend.
Bansko finds its roots in the perfect conditions for ski tourism combined with original folklore and old style Bulgarian architecture.
Among the sights in Bansko one can visit are the majestic church "St. Troitsa", made of granite, marble and brick masonry; the old church "Deva Maria"; the "Nikola Vaptsarov" museum house, the House of Arts, the Ethnographic exhibition, the Neophit Rilski museum and the Town museum of History.
All Bansko restaurants and pubs serve both Bulgarian and European dishes. However, recommended are the local specialties such as Kapama, Katino meze, etc. Accompanied of course by quality Bulgarian wines.


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