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Bourgas is the second-largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is also the fourth-largest by population in the country, after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Bourgas is a successor of the Ancient Greek city of Pyrgos, founded by colonists from Apolonia as a military and observational post against the other
important settlement in the region Mesembria. Besides Pirgos, the present-day city expands over the area of three other ancient settlements: Castrition, Skafida and Rossokastron. During the rule of the Ancient Romans, Burgas was known as Deultum, and was established as a military colony for veterans by Vespasian. It was renamed to Bourgas in 1727.
The Sea Garden in Bourgas is in no way inferior to the Varna Sea Garden. The cathedral of Saint Cyril and Methodius has splendid mural paintings. The Armenian church, the Catholic cathedral, the churches of Deva Maria and St. Ivan Rilski, the Natural Science museum, the History museum and the Art Gallery are the worth visiting.
The town beach below the Sea Garden is also a popular destination. Many restaurants, sport and entertaiment facilities are to be found along the beach.


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