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Devin is a town in Smolyan Province in the very south of Bulgaria. It is located in the Central Rhodope Mountains in the valley of the Vacha 45 km from Smolyan. The town is located in the vicinity of the popular ski resort of Pamporovo.
It is known predominantly for its
mineral water karst springs, which made the place famous in ancient times.
The territory of the municipality houses 3 natural reserves - “Kazanite”, ”The Old Forest (Shabanitsa)” and “Kastraklii”.
Near the town you could see some unique natural phenomena: the Struilski Dol waterfall, the picturesque Trigrad gorge, the Chairite protected locality, the Devin canyon, the rock phenomenon “The Elephant”, the famous caves “The Devil's Throat”, “Kharamiiska” and “Orpheus's Cave”.

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