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Sunny Beach

Sunny beach is the biggest world - famous Bulgarian sea resort. It is situated on the coast of a bay and is 40 km northeast of Bourgas and 100 km south of Varna.
The forest which surrounds the resort and the breeze make the days and the nights notably fresh and
pleasant. The beautiful sand - dunes on the beach that is 6 km long and over 100 m wide, lend it a marvelous charm.
Its construction began in 1958, today it offers modern and renovated hotels. The resort is rich in entertainment facilities such as bowling, surfing, mini golf, tennis, cycling, archery practice, water skiing, etc.
Tourists can spend really great time in the night clubs, discos, restaurants with various show– programs or buy drinks, food, clothes, souvenirs and other goods from the numerous shops in the resort. A medical centre is opened non stop.
There is regular bus transport from Sunny beach to Nessebur, St. Vlas and Bourgas.
Near places of interest: Nessebar, Emine Cape, Sozopol, Ropotamo, Kamchia

Summer holiday in Sunny Beach-Planeta

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